How Swansea Bay Football Club is disrupting the beautiful game

Digital disruption regularly hits the headlines in the entertainment, marketing and advertising industries. With innovative technologies quite literally at our fingertips, we've changed the way we think, work and view.

This shift continues to emerge in the sports sector, most notably in football - which is undergoing a revolutionary change in the way the consumer engages.

In the era of the humble smartphone, we are now able to connect with the action behind the pitch. New media allows fans to "get to know the team" - even before a game is scheduled, played or aired.

With this growing trend, rises opportunity.

One man who's embracing digital disruption off the pitch is TechHub Swansea Member, Ross Parry - Founder and MD of newly formed, Welsh football club Swansea Bay FC.

"The Welsh football league is primed for disruption - with vast opportunities for digitally savvy clubs to challenge the status quo." Ross Parry

Domestic football in Wales is caught between two posts: in the south, rugby dominates as the most popular sport, with the two biggest football clubs, Swansea and Cardiff, remaining in the English league. On the contrary, football rules in the north, but most supporters have traditionally followed Welsh players to the more attractive English teams.

Aligned to the mission of the Football Association of Wales (FAW), Ross is seizing the opportunity to turn his local club into a “community hub” - bringing together players from all walks of life, promoting well-being through active living; whilst nurturing a brand identity behind the lines.

So, how can digital disruption give Swansea Bay FC the edge?

A study carried out by Copa90 identified;

Gaming and tech dominates the other interests of the modern football fan, its opened up a whole new world.

Growing technologies allow for live interaction pre and post match, with fellow fanatics as too the players themselves. This generation turn to Fifa to recreate moments from real games, or watch an Instagram video to catch-up on so much more than just the action pitch-side.

Swansea Bay FC will look to capitalise on these habitats to gain traction and following, in effect propelling them in to the Welsh league.

Football videos on Instagram attracted 2.9bn views in the third quarter of 2017, up 917 per in 2 years - Tubular Labs

There's even more disruption ahead when we look to VR. Viewers will be able to feel they are standing on the pitch watching their favourite players score in front of their very eyes! A whole new take on being “part of the action."

Want to hear more or have your chance to be part of Swansea Bay FC's legacy? Join us @The Lounge TechHub Swansea on 27th September, where you'll have the opportunity to meet the team behind the disruption!