Hiyalife releases iPhone app

We're very excited for our lovely members hiyalife who have just released their beautiful (and free) iPhone app. The Wayra UK 2012 winners and current TechHub residents, they are working hard towards making their vision of helping you build your life story online and keeping it secure from intruders, happen.

Life is full of memories and stories that make you smile, right? Hiyalife is all about recalling those personal stories with friends and family, and watching your life story emerge. It's best described as a cross between a digital scrapbook and a collaborative biography, where you become part of an intertwining network of moments by sharing memories or adding them from others. It's a place where you crowdsource memories with the people, places, and brands that you love. A place for the highlights of your life. Hiyalife pride themselves on building their app on users' terms, so there's no ads, no spam, and no hijacking of your privacy or content. Your memories remain yours.

Founders Fernando and David are old friends who share many memories, some they�ll happily tell you while others are best kept between them! They founded hiyalife because they believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell - memories make us who we are, and are most powerful when remembered together.

With an iPhone app now live, the hiyalife founders are seeing content creation, and the connections this brings, increase: �What really connects us to people are shared memories, stories and experiences... these are captured as photos, videos and anecdotes so we built hiyalife around these. As content is key, you own it and control it�.

The hiyalife founders believe incumbent social platforms have too much noise: �They are great tools to communicate, but there�s a desire for something more than that - for curated and meaningful stories that are contextualised�. For this control needs to return to users, so that they can surface their life stories in a beautiful and fluid way, something that the hiyalife team believes they have achieved!
Private and shared stories slot together to form the story of your life, which ultimately becomes your legacy. With this in mind, hiyalife is investigating extremely long storage. They also plan to produce both online and offline merchandise, such as printed albums that could include all the moments shared with a certain person, from a certain chapter in your life, a certain place, or choose your own selection, to create a very personal keepsake.

For a richer story of hiyalife and their journey so far, go here.