Hiyalife donates to Dementia Awareness in return for likes and follows!

Hiyalife, one of our resident startups here at TechHub, needs your help during #DementiaAwarenessWeek.

From 19-25th May, they will donate 10p to the Alzheimer's Society every time someone likes the hiyalife Facebook page, or follows @hiyalife on Twitter.

Hiyalife helps you remember good times you�ve had with your friends and family, letting you send memories to those who played a part, build and rediscover your story over time, and keep control over your privacy every step of the way.

Co-founder Fernando says �our vision is to enrich and preserve personal identity, and bring people together through shared memories. We realised early on how hiyalife might be a powerful tool to help support dementia sufferers, their family and their carers�

In fact, Hiyalife has already approached Life Story Network and DementiaUK to offer an alternative digital channel to support their work. Hiyalife have also met with Dr Alice Good, a professor at Portsmouth University, who is exploring how looking back at good memories can lift moods, as well as being an effective treatment for mental health issues including dementia. This is commonly known as reminiscent therapy.

Memories trigger memories� Photos, objects, stories and sounds are used to spark memories and can provide a focal point in caring for, and engaging with, someone with dementia. Hiyalife wants to provide a tool that really helps those dealing with this difficult illness. Family and friends can engage with sufferers by sending memorable triggers through hiyalife, even if they�re not by their side, to help with their life story work.

It might not sound like much, but every click will make a difference so please help to spread the word.

Thank you!

�Talking changes everything� Azheimer�s Society Dementia Awareness Week runs from 19 � 25th May, during which time hiyalife will donate 10p to the Alzheimer's Society each time someone likes their Facebook page, or follows them on Twitter.