On the Road to Startup Success � Highlights from Introduction to Coding Workshop

January is the achingly pious time of New Years resolutions but here at TechHub we don�t like to deny ourselves things, we actually really enjoy giving to our members and our extended community. So while the virtues of raw food are being extolled and the guilt builds up inside your skull because you�ve not been to the gym three times this week remember that learning can be part of your resolutions.

Aghast as the tech community might be to say this, not everyone can code. TechHub wanted to give our community easy access to this skill and teamed up with Coder Course to do so. With coding being added to syllabuses in the UK it is imperative that we never stop learning, regardless of age or ability.

For an early January event on the day of a bus strike we weren�t expecting a full room but with over 35 people in the room but we realised how high the demand is for introductory coding workshops.

Using a combination of using Ruby On Rails and HTML the aim of the workshop was for all participants to have designed and made their own website by the end of the session.

The feedback we received was markedly positive, all participants felt supported and were particularly happy with the two facilitators and the attention they paid to those with development needs throughout the workshop.

Aspiring coder and TechHub Community Assistant, Ruth Bovell, who attended the workshop said:

"They started with fairly easy tasks to help build up your confidence, like making headers and paragraphs and didn't overwhelm you but let you grow your elementary knowledge steadily. The interactive instructors kept the group engaged and focused using relevant examples that would be useful to any website in a general sense (about, contact pages etc).By the end of the workshop you have something that looks good and are given a real confidence boost which makes you want to continue working on it long after the session is over."

Due to the success of the workshop, we have agreed with Coder Course that it will be repeating every 3 months � watch out for the next session so that you can start learning to code� Just so you have a fighting chance when the metal overlords take over.