High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales renews its commitment to Tech Entrepreneurs

One of the biggest stories to come out of the dazzling year that TechHub Swansea has had is the brilliant partnership forged between ourselves and the awesome team at HPC Wales.

We are delighted to announce that HPC Wales have renewed their commitment to TechHub Swansea by providing us with high speed internet connectivity, affording all new StartUp businesses here at the TechHub with instant access to Wales� National Supercomputing Network.

The partnership has meant we�ve been able to keep costs low for start-up businesses, who in turn are able to employ more people, creating more high-value tech jobs along the way.

The HPC Wales supercomputing system boasts over 17,000 Cores and is capable of performing around 320 trillion operations per second. We can�t think of many Tech communities that can offer instant access to this kind of technology!

With regular visits by the local HPC Wales support team, all businesses based at TechHub Swansea will continue to have access to the training and support required to start working with the supercomputing technology.

It�s a no brainer that being a tech community, we need access to the latest technology. It gives our start-up businesses an opportunity to commercially explore current themes like big data analytics and has been instrumental in helping the community grow to an incredible size, very quickly.

For a start-up business, the idea of competing with Global companies may at first appear daunting to some, but with access to world class technology usually only at the disposal of those with multi-million pound IT budgets, we are able to help level the playing field.
We are really pumped about the possibilities for the partnership with HPC Wales in the year ahead. Groups like Data Wales (http://www.meetup.com/Data-Wales/) and ground-breaking events like �Using Virtual Reality to explore Big Data� are just a few things in the pipeline for the new year.

Paul Harwood, Co-Founder of TechHub Swansea concludes:

�HPC Wales has been instrumental in TechHub Swansea�s direct entrepreneurial growth, jointly hosting the hugely successful Startup Weekend for the second year running, which results in the creation of new and exciting businesses each year.

�HPC Wales is a critical part of the local technology footprint here in Wales with a fantastic and highly skilled team. We really hope the coming year will provide many exciting opportunities for us both to help the area become a beacon in the national tech marketplace.�