Help TechHub Riga support technology and IT entrepreneurs in Latvia

You have heard of successful business stories where startups go through the fires of hell to achieve their dreams. What if you knew you could help dozens of such entrepreneurs build great companies? Reaching a new stage of development, TechHub Riga launches a fundraising campaign and invites everyone to help building future startup stories in Latvia today. In the end, it takes as little as a desk and a mug for a startup to have a better chance of success.

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TechHub Riga loves startups, and the fundraising campaign, taking place online from October 27th, is created in collaboration with TechHub Riga startup Funderful. The contributor receives a chance to place the desk (500�) or mug (50�) with his own inspiring quote on it at TechHub Riga, boost Latvian entrepreneurship and help creating environment where startups can build innovative products for global markets. The campaign calls at all those who share the cause, no matter where they reside, what they do and what number of startups they�ve built, to contribute!

Funderful uses the power of community-driven fundraising to fund great causes, hence the campaign will offer an interactive and more engaging approach to donations. The contributors will be able to tweet their quote and spread the word about the cause, make their donations visible on the page, and follow the progress of the campaign real-time.

�We did not want to leave TechHub, even as we approached 20 team members, because our team and new recruits loved the community,� - Uldis Leiterts, CEO,

Your support matters. Along with a dynamic co-working space, which gathers more than 30 startups under one roof, we host the annual tech conference TechChill Baltics, monthly meetups, as well as many other events related to entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Our graduate and current members, such as, Froont, Fastr Books, Cobook, MaxTraffic and Sellfy, have altogether raised well over 2.5� million in investment, and we believe it�s just a beginning. Your help means supporting an exciting chapter in TechHub Riga development � we move to new premises, brighter and twice the size, and offer an invaluable mentoring and coaching sessions in marketing, legal issues, business strategies, accounting and PR to our members so they can grow better and more competitive.

Established as a foundation in 2012, TechHub Riga has since become the central organization for startup activities in Riga. We work to support Latvian technology entrepreneurship, collaborating with local and international organizations, incubators and accelerators to benefit the community. As a non-profit with an all-volunteer board, we depend on external support. All funds, obtained in the campaign, will give additional resources to cover the operating costs and ensure a smooth run of the foundation.

�Without the community, flexible working space and great events run by TechHub, it would have been much harder to grow Fastr Books to where it is today,� Eldars Loginovs, CEO, Fastr Books.

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