Happy Birthday to Google Campus London

One year ago, Google Campus London opened it's doors to startups and the tech community. At TechHub, we've been lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful community, and it's been a great ride.

As well as our 'Team' space in City Road, we currently house just under 100 Resident members and around 300 Flex members in Campus. This space has grown our membership, and our community of entrepreneurs has gone from strength to strength.

We boast a range of talented individuals, from every corner of the world, and working on all manner of projects. We've seen bespoke smartphones and browser extensions. We've seen community platforms and data marketplaces. We've watched people build pretty much every conceivable type of app. We've celebrated buyouts, takeovers and mergers. We've thrown some awesome events, and we've partied with hundreds of other companies.

We've seen Leaderboarded gamify social media, Cyclr change the marketplace for cyclists, and Eyetease put ads on cabs. We've watched Kangaroom launch a flat-sharing amalgamator, Splashpath map your swimming journeys, and Knodium help students work together.

This amazing year couldn't have happened without support from the wonderful staff at Campus. It's been a pleasure working along Eze, James, Sinead, Francesca, Ingo, Vinnie, Eunice, Hazel, Mahmood and many others.

So here's to the great year that we've had, and to making the next one even more special.