Haiyanhelp - spread the word!

Romain Eude, a TechHub member, entrepreneur and founder of Utelly has been working hard these last few days to do what he can to help victims of the typhoon Haiyan that struck in Philliphines last week.

He's developed Haiyanhelp, a SMS system (PO Box like), built to help victims of the typhoon reconnect with their loved ones.

The idea is that people can now text the number of someone they are looking for, with a personal message (FIND message) and when that person checks-in (CHECKIN message), they get notified. This way, people can use other phones to communicate asynchronously with each other.

Romain says: "If I can help just one family out there, it will make my day/week/month/year/..."

So please do what you can, and spread the word on your social networks too!

Ps: for the geeks, techwise, it's twilio + parse with node.js