#HackTheCity is Back!

After much anticipation, we are super excited to announce that #HackTheCity is back @TechHub Swansea, with the next meet-up on Monday 9th April!

Set in the informal and relaxed surroundings of our Basement Cafe, it’s the event for turning your innovative ideas into future projects for hacking the city's resources.

So, what does #HackTheCity seek to address?

The future evolution of our cities is critically important, cemented in the fact that we are becoming an urbanised species. Currently more than half of the world’s population are living in towns and cities - a trend that is forecast to continue. Yet the majority of our city infrastructures are based on inherited historical layouts and systems, which are often out of sync with the status quo.

Consequently, some of the key issues facing our urban centres include increasing population density and proximity, social and individual well-being and environment and resource management. Addressing these issues will require shifts in governance, thought-processes and structure. This is where the hacker mindset comes in!

What is the “hacker mindset?”

Put simply:- “It’s one which identifies systematic problems and works to find ingenious solutions to disassemble and reassemble, in order to create new and relevant alternatives.”

We are applying this mindset to the city of Swansea by bringing together creatives, designers, programmers, researchers, developers, thought leaders, inventors, local businesses (to name but a few!), to address future and current city challenges and needs.

Emphasis is placed on hacking for public and common good - re-engineering our infrastructures for the collective benefit by looking at how we can engage a more socially smart and connected city.

Who is the event for?

Whether you’re a techie or a technophobe, this event is for you! It’s open to anyone with an idea to share. However, as numbers are limited, you will need to sign up via meet-up!

All meetup's are informal, social and lively occasions that bring together people from all walks of life and from all over Swansea and the surrounding regions. We’re here to encourage collaboration and generation of ideas, as well as discussing all the things that make us proud of Swansea – the people, the tech, the culture and the innovation - things that make it such a unique place.

It’s a good idea to come along with a few ideas and some thoughts on how you might hack on them. You’ll probably find that there is someone with a similar idea that you can team up with to push the concept further.

First time at a hack?

Don’t worry if you’ve never hacked before as we’ll be on hand to help point you in the right direction. Each event will welcome a guest speaker to the stage to help ignite ideas and thoughts even further. We’ll be running a brief introduction and team formation session, where you can link-up with like-minded people to discuss your ideas and thoughts.

During hacking, feel free to ask questions and collaborate; sharing is the best way to achieve good results. There'll be a nominal entry fee (of £2) which we'll collate and award to the individual or team with the best idea on the night - although we maintain that the event is more about sharing and having fun and less about being competitive!

To get involved with our next meet-up, sign-up through our website or on the meetup page - don’t miss your chance to be part of an environment ripe for discovering urban innovation!