HackTheCity #2 - Trash talk takes the title!

This month, we kicked off HackTheCity #2 with an insightful presentation from Swansea council leader, Cllr Rob Stuart, discussing the City Deal and the evolution of Swansea as a leading 'Smart City'- the idea that using data from residents and sensors, can create better digital systems to make better use of resources.

So, how could this change the way our resources are managed? And which areas would greatly benefit from our involvement? Well, our budding team of hackers were on hand to 'hack' on this - with some incredibly exciting outcomes!

From the deep pool of idea generation, emerged a consistent theme of rubbish - quite literally! Waste management, in particular fly-tipping, rose to the surface as an issue that needs addressing - with the current process of lodging a tipping complaint, top of the heap!

The Rubbish One (working team title!) was formed by local Swansea residents, Olga, Chris and Alex. They confidently pitched their idea, with reference to the current convoluted, archaic and somewhat "un-smart" process of form filling, which is required to report a waste dump sighting to the local authorities.

The team aims to change this with a simple proposal; readily understood and easily performed:

To create a platform that will revolutionise how fly-tipping (and waste disposal) is reported. Creating a direct link of effective reporting, without the need for overcomplicated processes...

Data collection in this way could also provide a comprehensive insight into 'troubled' fly-tipping areas, that covers both public and private land. This could enable local authorities to effectively target resources to the most affected communities.

For the long term plan, the platform would scale its features to encompass other areas of waste management, evolving to support the concept of 'smarter households.'

A system which ultimately makes for more effective refuge collections, with pick-ups planned around what actually requires emptying. A system that provides more accurate information on what people are going to be disposing, and a system which challenges the status quo of weekly, same time, rubbish collections - with no real insight into what needs collecting.

Join us on 11th June in TechHub's Member's Lounge to hear more from the team on their platform development, discussions with the council and of course team title reveal!