Guest post by Pascal Lardier: NW Health Hack

This is a guest post from Pascal Lardier, Ambassador for Health 2.0, who is going to be facilitating the the NW Health Hack on June 15 & 16.

Health 2.0 has introduced more than 500 companies to the world stage and hosted more than 11,000 attendees at various events. They are the one of the leading forces for new technologies, processes and innovation in healthcare and we are really excited to have Pascal on board for the event.

I�ve organized quite a few health care events in my life. Code-a-thons are my favourite. I�m always astonished with the quality of the participants. They are sharp, armed with the best coding skills, and energized with a shared intention to make the world a healthier place. Some arrive with an idea they�ve had for a while, some come with a completely blank slate...either way, it doesn�t matter; the power of code-a-thons is about opening up to the contribution of others. The conversation kicks off, the teams assemble, and in a matter of hours the miracle happens: an app is born. And it�s live and it works. And it may become a piece of our health care puzzle or end up in the creation of a startup. Who knows? Code-a-thons are a lesson to �just do it�.

-Pascal Lardier

This is shaping up to be a world-class event. There are still places available and you can sign up at