Guest blog post: Sophie Radcliff

Guest post by Sophie Radcliff, who runs 'Flowers By Sophie' in Worsley, Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and exciting place to live - excellent sport, arts, music and nightlife. I love it! Even more importantly it is a great place to work. Our unique blend of talent, ideas and attitude attracts the world�s leading companies, such as the BBC and Google, but also makes it a great place to start your own business.

Expertise in innovation and technology helps to build high-value, niche companies with organisations like TechHub supporting companies and entrepreneurs. They help them to work together to build stronger, dynamic businesses delivering new jobs and prosperity for the city.

And me? I am also starting to build my own business, though in flowers and not technology. Flowers send special messages, perhaps a �thank you� or a �well done�, as well as providing impact and style in our working environments. I am passionate about design and flowers and believe this is a fantastic city for me to build a company providing a personal, quality, value for money service by...

  • Listening... to what you need, what message or impression you want to make

  • Designing... to reflect your budget

  • Creating... using fresh, dynamic and unusual flowers

  • Delivering... always aiming to exceed expectations.

Two of the key areas of focus for BE Manchester are Happiness and Giving. So if you, like me, are working towards building a better Manchester, supporting the drive and passion behind Tech Hub or BE Manchester and would like to bring happiness to a person or company you know by giving flowers then I would very happy to help you (and make you happy by giving you a 10% discount!)


For 10% off from 'Flowers By Sophie', please use the code TechHub10 in the contact form on her website.