(Re-)Introducing Michael Hall from Harvey Nash

Guest blog post by Michael Hall from Harvey Nash

Hello Manchester and those further afield,

This is my cyber introduction to you, or if you know me already then it�s my round and you need not read any further?. I am currently writing this at 3:40am and am sat at the front desk of @HackManchester so I apologise if parts of this don�t make sense. One day I hope to meet you, buy you a drink, cross your path or introduce you to someone that you did not already know.

What is my intention?? My intention is to provide an opportunity to meet & introduce more like minded people and to give visibility of all things Tech within Manchester and the wider North, but most importantly give back!! I love this city and I feel it is so important to bring meetups, communities, universities, companies, start-ups, investors, hobbyists and leaders closer together to share knowledge, contacts, failures, successes, sponsorship/investor opportunities and the opportunity to partner where necessary. We are currently in a climate where time is so precious and my intentions are to save time in cutting through the fluff and making it easier to connect whilst having the aspiration where you come to me or my team for information, advice, a beer/wine or to simply point you in the right direction.

Sitting in here in the small hours, my aspirations are to see awesome events like this gain even more visibility so that we can have even more developers, designers, QAs and architects fighting to keep their eyes open like I am right now, drinking a Crabbie's and an espresso and attend other epic events! I will be bringing other new global meetups to Manchester in 2014 and you will continue to see me at or talking about TechHub Manchester, Silicon Drinkabout, The Factory, Hack Manchester and more. Another aim which I will make happen is an online central location where all things tech can be visible for technologists of all ages, shapes and sizes.

There will be more details to follow but I just wanted to say hello and put my thoughts into a blog so you know who is that random and crazy blonde guy wondering about at the next northern tech meetup.

-Michael Hall, @MikeHallHN