Guest blog post: Max Larcombe, Manchester Creative Studio

Hello Manchester!

I�m part of the team starting Manchester Creative Studio, a new Government backed city centre studio school opening in September 2014 that prepares 14-19 year olds for a career in the creative and digital industries. It combines two things I�m really passionate about � experiential learning and creativity � and will allow young people to learn in a very different way.

Firstly, lots of �teaching� will be through project based learning, with students working in teams to respond to a challenge or brief, just like you do in the workplace. Secondly, industry experts will come in to deliver workshops, talks and seminars that mean students learn current professional skills and processes from people who use them every day. And finally, when full the school will only have 300 students, meaning each of them will have a personal experience and be supported as an individual.

And why is this important to Manchester? Well the creative and digital industries are worth a lot to the local economy and employ thousands of people, but businesses regularly say they are struggling to find enough employees with the skills they need, particularly technical skills like coding. There are also countless studies show that young people are leaving school without the personal qualities and competencies required by employers across all sectors, meaning it is all too easy for them to be overlooked and never get that first opportunity they need.

Our aim is to be part of the response to these challenges. To ensure that young people leave us with a rounded education of both core subjects like English, Maths and Science alongside the professional skills and qualifications they need to succeed in whatever they want to do next, whether that is to go to University, straight into a job, onto an apprenticeship or even start their own business.

We don�t think we�re the only solution, but we do think we�re part of the answer to ensuring the continued success of these industries by developing local talent which might otherwise never be realised. And we�d love your help to do this by:

� Becoming one of our industry partners

� Supporting the design and delivery of our curriculum and industry projects

� Raising awareness of what we�re trying to do on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and through conversations

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