Guest blog post: Drew Forsyth, TechHub Manchester's resident photographer

Hello, Manchester!

My name is Drew, and I�m a Flex Member at TechHub Manchester. I should probably start by saying that I�m a little different from the other members at TechHub, in that I�m not working on a startup: I�m a freelance photographer.

I shoot all manner of things, but most of my work falls under the umbrella of either commercial or portrait work. Here�s my website.


Recently, though, I�ve started to work with startups in the tech community and collaborating with companies to provide professional images of prototypes as well as products. In collaborating with startups, you�re given the opportunity to work with something brand new and exciting, and so many times I�ve met with entrepreneurs who have spoken with such passion about their ideas - it�s truly inspiring.

I also shot Startup Weekend Manchester at TechHub Manchester, where I met some amazing individuals, and even got roped into helping a couple of entrepreneurs with their images/videos!


As a professional photographer, I�m happy to answer any questions you might have about cameras, lenses, Photoshop, and what camera to get your mum for Christmas. Also, as TechHub Manchester�s resident photographer I�m pleased to say that I�m offering 10% discount to all TechHub members, so if you need professional images for your business, feel free to get in touch.

The best way to contact me is either through my website, or on Twitter via @_drewforsyth. Or if you see me in TechHub, and just fancy talking about photography, pop over and say hello!