#GrowingTheTribe: TechHub Riga is now open for freelance developers and designers

Are you a freelance developer or designer who builds awesome tech projects and helps the world look and feel better? Join the family of like-minded startups, meet key figures of the tech scene and succeed faster! Become a member of the TechHub Riga tribe now!

'Till now TechHub Riga has been a place exclusively for tech-oriented startups. Yet, there are many skilled coders and designers who don't have their startup but are interested in this field. We are opening doors to them!' Ernests Stals, TechHub Riga Chairman of the Board, comments on the initiative that will improve the information loop between startups who are looking for skills and freelancers who have these skills.

Thus, taking part in the #GrowingTheTribe initiative you will get both the office at the heart of the Old Town (and, yes - the view is awesome!) and constant pool of opportunities! You will have a straight access to all member benefits and perks, such as the Office Hours mentoring program and Google credits! You will have a chance to develop the local tech culture, bring new visions in and help each other! And, of course - you will receive invitations to all internal events, all those exclusive parties and game tournaments that make every bit of TechHub Riga!

�Our greatest passion is to build the startup community even bigger, stronger, more dynamic and innovative � we�ve always been about the people inside our walls,' Egita Polanska, TechHub Riga CEO, adds. 'We expand the horizon and are asking you � do you have what it takes to be in the tribe? Tell us how you can contribute!'

Apply via TechHub Riga application form, send us a note on how you can contribute and start working! The co-working space offers three types of memberships: Resident (100�/month), Resident Lite (75�/month) and Flex (400�/year). Drop us a visit to see us in person and learn what we have in store for you!

Are you in?