Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce: creating the best possible environment for businesses

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce can trace its roots back to 1794 and is the largest Chamber in the UK by membership. Representing approximately 4,500 businesses and around a third of the Greater Manchester workforce, the Chamber�s mission is to campaign to ensure we have the best possible environment for businesses. Companies such as Madhouse Associates, UK Fast, Melbourne Hosting and others have been members for years, but we haven�t developed the same relationship with the digital sector as we have with our hundreds of members from the business and financial services, construction, manufacturing and engineering sectors.

I�d been keen to contact TechHub Manchester since hearing that they had set up here, and especially after hearing Doug speak at a property sector event at the Sharp Project. He was sharing his desire to make Manchester one of the top five cities in Europe for digital start-ups, and his belief that the Boulder Thesis provides a model to show how that can be achieved.

If we, as an established community of businesses, can use our connections and relationships with those companies classed as �Feeders� in the Boulder Thesis, making it easier for digital start-ups to work with and for them in new and innovative ways, then that would be a powerful role for us to fulfil. And if we can help with the reverse of this, to help our legal, financial and property sectors provide services to this fast growing source of potential clients, whose culture or business model is different from their normal customer base, then that too is valuable.

Greater Manchester has a strong business and financial services sector, and a broad and innovative engineering and manufacturing base. Our construction industry is weathering incredibly harsh conditions whilst being seen as one of the leading lights in the national adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Our existing digital and creative sector is the second largest in Europe. This could, and should be, fertile ground for start-ups of all stripes, but especially digital, and I hope that the Chamber can work with organisations like TechHub to help attract and then nurture the brightest talent with the best ideas, and help them develop in our business community.

This is a guest post by Matthew Kershaw from Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce follow them on twitter @gmchamberlpm
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