Google Cloud Office Hours at TechHub!

At TechHub- A global community of tech Start-ups, we support start-ups to grow faster, better. It's pretty clear that people and businesses will continue the trend of reducing their need to rely on costly hardware and infrastructure by placing files and applications in the cloud.

More than just a tech-friendly buzzword, cloud storage is becoming an integral part of most of our lives, giving us access to our files and data from any device, anywhere in the world. And we thought we need to address the need of hour- Cloud computing. Our friends from Google with their entreprenuerial spirit were happy to host a meetup at TechHub!

Welcome to a recap of Google Cloud Office hours at TechHub!

Why Google Cloud?

What's one of the secret ingredients of a successful business? Yes, Innovation! Google Cloud Program frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators innovate and let coders, well, just code.

Briefly, here are some of the features which you could really use:

  • Full support to open source technologies.
  • Easily Serverless Apps.
  • Create Custom Machine Types as per your requirements.
  • Process Batch data, Stream data, or Both.
  • Managed Deep Learning services.
  • Manage Multiple Clouds using Stackdriver.
  • Worldwide Autoscaling.
  • Process Terabytes in Minutes.
  • Containers Made Easy via Kubernetes.
Pricing- Because your cloud should not make a hole in your pocket!

What if I told you that you have to Pay Only For What You Use! If you are building a microservice, or just running a few resource tests, you pay only for the time you use thanks to GCP's micro-second precision billing.

This also includes No termination fees and No contracts- The second you turn off services is the second you stop paying for that service.

Google Cloud Platform For Startup :

As per the partnership with Techhub, all startups of Techhub are eligible for membership in Google’s Cloud Startup Program, starting with up to $3,000 in Cloud credit, good for one year. Startups who consume Start credits within a year are pre-approved for promotion into the Spark Program (up to $20k in Cloud credit + other perks).

KC from Google Cloud services highlighting the advantage of knowing Tensorflow, which is enough to kick-start!

Sree from TechHub talking about benefits of the TechHub global network!

Participants at Google booth: Soon after the event, startups got a chance to nominate their startups for $3000 Google Cloud credit package.

TechHub team with KC!

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