The TechHub team in Bangalore which flaunts its Global network across the world, decided to go Desi this Republic Day.

TechHub Bangalore followed the infamous tagline of India: "Divided by states, united by Nation", of course, here it is, "Divided by the Start-Ups and united by Food and some fun" :D

Here is a gist of the events that took place:

1. The one with the #JaanPehchaan

We are beyond the chairs and desks. It's too boring to walk into the room and listen to our footsteps and not the people around talking. So in this event, we made the members talk to each other and bring out the quirkiest things about each other.

"Found a new travel buddy ..." -Sumit, Ceo and co-founder of VooLab.

"We have "The Hulk" in the house" - Sreenivasa from TechHub recollecting Raghavendra who works at Apsalar, earned the nickname "Hulk" at TechHub BLR.

2. The one with the Pictionary round.

This event made us nostalgic. This was a game played back in the school & college days when the lecturer was on leave and the period was free.

So cutting the drama short, What comes to your mind when I say Karnataka? Is it the MNC's or is it the infamous Bangalore Traffic? We wanted to find out what our members thought about it.

We had one of our members draw Gandhiji's glasses to represent Gujarat. Our members traced it down to Hogwarts. Pretty out-of-the-world kind of people, huh? ;)

3.The one with the know your country round.

We all know who's called the King of Bollywood and we know Selena Gomez has a new boyfriend. But do we know how many rivers are flowing in our country? Of course we do! We had a Rapid fire quiz round with our members to find out.

Our Italian members participated too and we were proud of them for answering them all correct.

4. The one with the bring out the Artist in you round.

With Mr. Narendra Modi trending in the history of our country, we adopted one of his innovations to go ahead with the event - "Make In India". The teams had a brainstorming session for the same & we had beautiful and colorful logos to represent our country.

We treasured some off-the-wall doodles too. Check them out below!

Modiji would have been so proud of our members!

And here's a glimpse of our TechHub family :)