goCarShare on BBC!

Drummond Gilbert, founder of goCarShare and one of TechHub's funder members - currently at Wayra, enjoyed some quality BBC airtime recently.

His car-sharing service allows drivers to link up with passengers, with the latter paying a contribution to the trip - ticking off the environmental, community & fun boxes all at once - and something we, here at TechHub, fully support.

Initially we tried universities, going to fairs, using leaflets and posters. We got 6,000 people across multiple universities signed up to a newsletter, but very few actual journeys.

Drummond told the Beeb, explaining that he soon found that the key was to tap into a sense of common purpose, making his business model shift towards the organisers of music festivals instead. So music festivals as far afield as South Africa, Italy, Spain and the UK now promote the service for travel to and from the events out of a sense of mutual interest.