New ways to get more from TechHub

Over the past 3 and a half years, we've been lucky enough to out-grow every physical space we've ever inhabited, our community is ever-expanding with incredibly talented and knowledgable individuals, which is fantastic, however, it has posed us a challenge...

While we were once bundled together within the same four walls of Sophia house, we are now spread over two sites, three floors, and multiple team pods in our lovely new team site on Old Street, (and that's just Laandaan!) which means that it's not as easy for our members to get to know one another in the way they used to.

We have been squirrelling away to provide a few solutions to this and we thought we'd share our progress as we go along.

1. Introducing the MVP 'this is where I'm sitting today' sign in board for Flex members, Ta dah!

Ok, so it's not that impressive yet... but it will be. We are working on an online system for flex members. The system will allow each member to sign into their seat, introduce their startup and tell their fellow flex users what they are working on today, there will even be a 'I'm super busy today so please don't chat to me unless you want to invest in my startup' option ;)

Not only this, but when we have VIP visitors or last minute press opportunities, the system allows us to quickly and easily see who is available and in the building to make the most of these.

As you can see the MVP consists of a white board, some blue-tac, some business cards and our lovely member's dodgy handwriting, but it's working, so we don't mind!

2. We are super excited to be working on a programme that helps us help our members better.

As an early step to better understanding what you need specifically in your business, we will be spending quality time over the next couple of weeks with ten startups to find out what extra we can do to help them, connect them, advise them and push them (you want positive affirmations and goal setting? We can help with that too!), before we expand the programme out to others. We can't say too much right now, but you'll see that we'll be starting to ask all of you a lot more questions, so please help us to help you better by answering when we come a-knocking.

We are looking forward to your feedback on both of these initiatives, so watch this space!