Funky Karts: games make people happy

Games are here � we play them and dive into them as much as we can. TechHub Riga�s Willowbrite is here too, presenting their Funky Karts and giving us a completely new game experience. Learn what the Funky Karts are all about and what the Co-founders Arturs Vitols and Ross Martin Smith think about the game development � we�ve collected their answers while enjoying the ride!

How did you come up with the idea of Funky Karts? What's the big legend behind it?

In the beginning we had an idea to create a downhill racing game, but as the project evolved our character became very dynamic and the game design evolved around the character's abilities. As a result Funky Karts is a new style of "platform roller".

Even more, the game graphics are a unique combination of 2D vector graphics and 3D models. In the early stages we decided to avoid using raster textures which would be the mainstream solution. This decision allows our users to have crisp sharp graphics and nice clean color combinations on any device or screen.

One of our main goals was performance. Instead of pushing device limits we prefered to push our own limits. We wanted our game to run and load as fast as possible on any device out there. We managed to achieve that with a combination of our unique graphics solution and creative thinking. Our game runs equally well on low-end Android phones as on the latest high-end Android phones and tablets.

You've developed games before - what's the hardest and the easiest part in creating one?

The hardest part was designing the interactions between our main character and the environment. We hadn't seen or worked on a game where the main character could jump from wall to wall or on the ceiling using a kart or motor vehicle, so we invented a lot of new behavior from scratch.

Making a game is a lot of hard work; we are still looking for the easy part!

Why do you think people play games?

People play games for many reasons, but the common denominator is that games make them happy.

In your opinion what's up for the game development in the nearest future?

The traditional lines between mobile, desktop, and game consoles are getting blurry so there is a challenge to design new games that are interesting across all of these devices.

What can you suggest to those who want to start developing games?

Developing a game requires a big investment of your time, energy and finances. Be prepared for big challenges and expect that it will take at least twice as long as you think!

What are the next steps for Funky Karts and Willowbrite?

Our primary goal for the near future is to grow our audience. As a new company we must find our market and we want to be on as many platforms as possible so that everyone has a chance to enjoy Funky Karts.

Once more, get your Funky Karts right here.