Foodies alert! Members Cookisto have a special offer ready for you...

TechHub members Cookisto are working hard to connect people who love to cook with local foodies. The idea came about when the two founders - Petros and Michalis moved out of their family nests, and fully recognised that cooking (and eating) can be (and is) a very social affair. On a mission to connect all foodies alike, they have now expanded from their native Athens to London and to get you all going, they've cooked up a very special offer for all Foodies - �4 OFF your first order with the promotional code: COOKISTOFIRST. No reason not to, right? So go ahead and do it!

Cookisto has been receiving quite a bit of buzz in the media as of late, with The Independent raving about the quality of food, and reasonable pricing - both reasons why Cookisto has been a great success with over 16,000 users across the founders' austerity-hit Greece. Telegraph meanwhile (also loving the offering), is asking if there's any way Cookisto could now think about sending someone over to do ones dishes afterwards... :)

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