FlatClub secure $1.5M Investment To Scale Up

We are very excited for TechHub members FlatClub who just raised $1.5million from a network of Angels including Jeremy Coller (Coller Capital), Professor Eli Talmor (London Business School) and David Wolfe (BrandJourney and InterCapital). The investment will enable FlatClub (established by former London Business School grads Nitzan Yudan and Tomer Kalish) increase the number of listings from 10,000 to 30,000 rooms and apartments available for short stays within 12 months, launching a brand new technology platform expanding and further establishing their growing presence in Europe and the USA.

'Airbnb for top university students and their alumni', FlatClub first launched in London and now has over 50,000 verified members, featuring properties from alumni of the world's top universities, including London School of Economics, London Business School, University College London, King's College and New York University. Hosts can choose who sees their postings, creating a more trusted experience - something that's really important when you are renting out your own apartment. With the average stay almost a month, FlatClub takes a 6-15% charge from the tenant, but doesn't charge the host making it even more desirable to join the movement and become a member of the club.

Read more in the original article by Mike Butcher for TechCrunch, here.