Fitness Freak speedboat pitch & other news

TechHub startups have been lining up for their share of adrenalin recently - as if elevator pitching isn't scary enough, it now looks like these days one needs to be able to do a 30 second pitch on their startup on a speedboat while it swooshes across the river Themes.

Fitness Freak lets you find and book whatever fitness classes you fancy, in your local area. From yoga and aerobics to zumba, the website currently gets 12,000 unique hits a month, converts 2-3% of visitors into booking a class, and is growing all the time. And if regular workout isn't your cup of tea, they're also taking it up a gear with some neon lycra, sweatbands and glo-sticks, putting on their Fitness Freak RAVE events � a choreographed aerobic session to a live DJ �spinning old school 90�s dance classics�. They have also recently signed a big deal with Time Out so there's some exciting times ahead for the young company indeed.

Here's Shara Tochia, the company's founder, as a TechCity News startup of the week.