Finance Week at TechHub

Money, money, money - it's always the most difficult part of running a startup! How to get it, how to keep more of it and how to make sure you're keeping the right records and doing everything properly.

Next week sees the arrival of TechHub�s first Finance Week, a selection of daytime workshops and 1-2-1 sessions supported and presented by individuals and organisations from the finance sector, and aimed at helping tech startups and entrepreneurs to financial success.

Limited places are available for the all the sessions below, so be quick!

Monday 19th - Business & Financial Planning workshop with Jim Bailey

How do you work out a company valuation - what your startup is worth? How do you make sure you have a financial plan in place that works for you and your company? Introducing you to some key financial issues, Jim will demonstrate how a sound financial plan can support overall business or strategic objectives. More information and booking here.

Tuesday 20th - Business banking with Barclays Business

How do you manage your cashflow? What kind of financial compliance issues do you have to think about when you start a company? What do you need from your business banking? As part of Barclays� commitment to the government�s TechCity initiative, members of Barclays Business team will be here to offer 1-2-1 advice to help you with business banking issues. Book your place here.

Wednesday 21st - Your Accounts with Kingston Smith

What are the basics for bookkeeping and accountancy when you start a company? Is it better to hire contractors or employees? How can you benefit from R&S tax rebates? The specialist tech team from top 20 accountants, Kingston Smith, will be providing valuable guidance in 1-2-1 sessions for tech entrepreneurs. More information and booking here.

Thursday 22nd - Crunching your tax! Seminar with Crunch Accounting

What's the most tax-efficient way to pay yourself as a startup founder? What's flat rate tax and can it mean more money in your account at the end of the year? Is there an easy way to manage the books? This whole tax thing hurts my head, how does it work? Founders of accountancy firm Crunch - Darren Fell (MD) and Steve Crouch (awarded Taxation Specialist of the Year 2010 from Sage) - will be providing a presentation that will help any freelancer or small business get to grips with their tax. Book here.

Thursday 22nd - Fred Destin, Atlas Venture on the Startup Lifecycle - taking your company from idea to maturity

We're so excited to have "a god of VC" in the house for this special Techhub Member-only event (use your member code on the registration page). Fred is visiting from the US, and we're extremely privileged to have some time in his busy schedule. This isn't strictly a finance-focused event, but we've included it here as gaining insight from a VC stalwart on startups is hugely advantageous when you're thinking about raising capital now or in the future. Do not miss this event.