Facebook Apps Made Easy - Wednesday @TechHub

Use Facebook Apps? Been avoiding them because you thought it was too complicated? Want to know how to make them work harder for you and get more than just a �like� from your customers?

Facebook recently announced a number of changes to make working with "Social Graph" and "Open Graph" easier than ever. But what does that mean when attracting customers to engage with your product or service?

Led by Glenn Gillen from Heroku, the cloud application platform now partnering with Facebook, this event will explain �Open Graph� and how it allows more relevant sharing of custom content on Facebook. It will demonstrate how easily a company can use these new APIs to maximum effect, by building (live!) an example website that takes advantage of them.

The event will walk you through the new app creation interface, demonstrating how quickly and easily it deploys an example app in one of 4 languages. You can see how Heroku will allow you to extend functionality and scale your app in just seconds.

Acquiring �Open Graph� know-how will help to further encourage customer engagement with your brand, raise conversion rates, and build brand loyalty - say goodbye to begging your customers to �like� something!

All this will be done LIVE, so bring your laptops and iPads because you�ll be able to get involved in the action!

This event will be run as part of Internet Week Europe.

Bio: Glenn has spent 15 years writing software for people, the last 5 of those primarily for startups in London. After being a customer of Heroku for 4 years, he loved the platform so much he begged them to let him come work on it. They eventually relented and he's now a senior engineer on the Heroku add-ons platform.