Ever lost your tent at a festival?

The story of Fezzee, co-founders that have set about making technology work harder and smarter for festivals... so we can have more fun!

We're super excited to see a startup so dedicated to bringing high-tech to the party masses, especially tech that will fit so seamlessly into the festival goers weekend! Here's to 'a beer in one hand, and a Fezzee-tech-solution in the other'!

We asked the guys to tell us how they think they can improve the festival experience using the power of technology:

We�re enthusiastic music fans and technologists. Between us we�ve been to scores of festivals but being slightly geeky we've got frustrated by the difficulty of using mobile technologies on site. It�s really limited at the moment. There�s a lot of things that should be improved before, during and after - that can be improved. We really believe that the tech-based tools that we rely on more and more in our daily lives should be available at festivals to enrich experiences, get creative and just make life easier - like they do on the street.

We founded Fezzee to solve this problem. We�ve identified technologies that will work together doing what each do best, at the time they do it best. There�s a lot of innovation to come with this too. We want to make it easier to research bands & build clash lists, find your tent, your car, your friends. And share your experiences with the world as you go.

Smartphone apps are optimised for cities and streets. Fezzee is optimising them for open fields and parks with thousands of people in them; designing specifically for the demanding festival environment. They�ll help you preserve your battery and work when there�s no connectivity - standard problems at festivals. There�s also loads of exciting mobile technologies coming out: NFC is already here, serious augmented reality is around the corner, 4G is going to make Live Video Streaming something you don�t think twice about. With this there�s a shift in the types of devices being used, in fact smartphones and tablets are about to overtake the PC. So with all that in mind, we�re sure the time�s right to really make the smartphone �Festival Smart�.

We�re looking for a relatively small amount of funding so we can develop beyond current prototypes, produce great solutions for the festival season next year, which starts in April in the US, June in UK & Europe. We chose crowd-funding as a great way to engage directly with passionate supporters and build an active user community of �design partners�. It also gives us the control to let our customers, our users, our vision drive development. Ultimately, we want to give our users new ways to express their creativity and interact with the artists and festivals.

We wish Fezzee the best of luck with their campaign, who knows, maybe one day they'll create a tech solution for finding the least disgusting portaloo!