Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs overtakes startups

It�s a perfect time to start up and grow � the biggest exchange program in business Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is looking for ambitious new and host startups in the EU to join the brand-new batch of entrepreneurs, ready to break the rules, create global products and build future partnerships. Apply to the program now, find your startup mentor, get approved and follow your passion:

Since its initiation in 2009, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has embedded a reputation of a program that changes all perspectives of one�s business and makes the European Union a place where entrepreneurship is constantly created, nurtured and scaled. Over the years, more than 2000 new entrepreneurs have gone to exchanges and developed their prospective ideas in entertainment, hospitality and ICT, likewise helping the host entrepreneur�s business. With TechHub Riga becoming a part of the program, a special boost is given to the EU IT and tech startups � the Startupreneurs node will help Latvian new startups go abroad to gain knowledge while the host startups in Latvia will have a chance to welcome bright tech minds from the EU to their company.

Startups always think bigger, they move fast and break things, and the program is searching for participants of such calibre. You are eligible to be a new entrepreneur, if you:

  • Plan to have a startup or have a startup that�s less than 3 years old;
  • Want to be a tech game-changer;
  • Are ready to learn your thing but also help the host improve his.

You are eligible to be a host entrepreneur, if you:

  • Have a business record of more than 3 years;
  • Are the owner-manager of a SME or a person directly involved in entrepreneurship at board level;
  • Want to be a tech game-changer;
  • Are ready to improve your thing but also teach the new startup his.

Why should you participate? Development of your startup creates the base of the benefit package, yet there are lots of additional layers that make your exchange or hosting memorable. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs in a sense is your intellectual inner-startup that is free of fear. Don�t miss the opportunity to experiment when you are dealing with cultures, ventures and dreams! Don�t be afraid to fail and learn when you are in the middle of your challenges and it seems there is no way out! Don�t deny the magic of repetition and try as many times as you can to achieve success!

It�s a perfect time to start up and grow � what�s your next step?

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is supported by the European Commission and implemented by TechHub Riga, the first and the biggest IT and tech co-working space in Latvia. Startupreneurs node also includes Civitta (Lithuania), (Belgium), Tetuan Valley (Spain), Power of Youth (United Kingdom), and exchanges are encouraged to happen among these countries to ensure a smooth run of the program. It is expected that in two years the node will facilitate 150 exchanges, 30 per each organisation.

Check for more info and apply: Or drop a message to Marija Rucevska at