EON Reality�s free 3D modeling and coding course in Manchester

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Manchester, UK, � EON Reality, the world's leading interactive 3D software provider for businesses and education has limited places still available for its first one-year 3D modelling and coding course that starts this September. This free, full-time course is located at its training school based at its European headquarters in East Manchester.

The US-based company will train 100 talented young people in 3D modeling and coding and upon graduating the top 50 per cent of the cohort will be offered a permanent job. The course, based at Central Park in Newton Heath, is open to anyone aged 16 and above who can demonstrate a basic understanding of 3D and digital media technologies.

The school will deliver a comprehensive training programme that will provide the students with the skills necessary to become a 3D artist or programmer. Specialising in interactive 3D technology, the course will include 3D modeling, design and development and coding and students will work alongside EON Reality�s 3D modelers and coders on live projects. One trainee will be awarded an internship in California or Singapore.

The expertise these students will acquire will also be suitable for many other industry sectors, such as architectural and product visualisation work, games creation, multi-media design, design reviews, film and broadcast media.

  • Ken Swain, Managing Director of EON Reality in the UK said:

We�re looking for talented young people with a proactive, self- motivated attitude and a passion to learn 3D, who have got a basic understanding of the technology. This is an alternative career choice for those considering similar, more traditional disciplines such as graphic design, architecture or CAD design. We don�t ask for any formal qualifications and are offering what is essentially an internship that that can lead to a career in the exciting and continually evolving world of 3D graphics. Whether the student has a creative or a logical mind, we can help them along the right career path for them.

  • James Corr (23) from Beswick, a former Trinity Church of England High School pupil, who has just completed an intensive pilot course at the EON Reality 3D modeling and coding school and has been offered a permanent job as a Content Developer:

It�s fantastic that EON Reality have set up their European headquarters in East Manchester, right on my doorstep. This opens up so many opportunities for local people. It�s great to now have a job with EON Reality so I can put what I�ve learnt into practice. I�d encourage anyone with a basic understanding of 3D to think about doing the course which could lead to a career with EON Reality.

  • Fellow student Leon Cabrera (20) from Didsbury, a former Parrswood High School pupil who has got a full time job as a 3D artist.

3D technology has always interested me and it�s great to now have a job with EON Reality so I can put what I've learnt into practice. My education gave me the skills needed to work on 3D projects for film or games, but it wasn't until I came to EON Reality that I realised the possibilities of 3D outside the entertainment industry. The course at EON has given me an opportunity to learn about a field I never imagined. It�s amazing to have one of the world�s biggest 3D technology companies here in Manchester and I�d encourage anyone to think about taking the course.

A course open day at EON Reality�s state-of-the-art Virtual Reality showroom will take place on 18 July from 10am to 1pm. The course starts mid-September 2013.

For more information on EON Reality�s course call 0161 669 6294 or visit students.eonreality.com.

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