Demystifying Cyber Security

Yesterday afternoon NVI Wales hosted the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster (SWCSC) in the Hub of Swansea University�s Institute of Life Science to talk about Cyber Security. Phew, that was a mouthful!

The talk was led by John Davies of Pervade Software and Damon Rands of Wolfberry, with many other members of SWSCS in the audience answering specialist questions in their own area of expertise.

John walked us through the Perfect Storm of cyber security that is encroaching on SMEs. The Government is pushing more and more money into the UKs IT infrastructure and more importantly into cyber security. Unfortunately the traditional thinking from SMEs is that they don�t need to worry about cyber security as why would anyone want to steal the data from their small company? John emphasised that this can be extremely dangerous thinking using the example of last years Target breach in the US which was due to one of their suppliers� security being breached. Supply chain attacks such as this amongst other examples were clear indications as to why all businesses need to be aware of their cybersecurity.

John briefly explained the three �must do�s� of cyber security: Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing and Security Monitoring, and how they come together to make cyber security a financial no-brainer for all SMEs. Damon then talked us through these in a bit more detail before handing back to John who introduced Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials is a slimmed down version of the cyber security ISO standard. It costs only �300 for the certification and is becoming more and more important for companies. All UK government contractors need Cyber Essentials and the NHS is introducing it as a requirement very soon. Cyber Essentials is important for supply chain security, as any weak link in the chain could lead to a potentially large security breach.

The event rounded off with some Q&A from the SMEs present answered by various specialists from the SWCSC. Then coffee, cake and a chance for some networking while enjoying the view from the balcony over Swansea Bay and Mumbles!

John and the SWCSC are returning Swansea on September 22nd for another event on Cyber Security held right here in the Tech Hub! More details will follow closer to the date!