Demo Night Line Up Anounced

It�s time, once again, for a few brave companies to step up and spill the beans on their exciting products at our famous TechHub demo night. Here is a run down of the exciting stuff on show on Wednesday 14th May!

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Boxagon is a social commerce platform where you can create and discover collections or �boxes� of items that go well together for all types of situations. So if you�re getting a dog or running your first marathon, you can search through the site and see boxes with items that other users recommend for these events. The concept is similar to how people on fashion sites match pieces of clothing to create amazing outfits, but we�re applying it to a much wider audience of sports enthusiasts, DIY hobbyist, and countless other potential users.

Travel planning, done right. Share your adventures with your friends. Discover cool places for your journey.

TravelDiary lets you create a visual diary of your holiday adventures, and lets you collaboratively build itineraries for your future journeys with the help of your friends and trusted sources.

Twitter: @traveldiaryme
Instagram: @traveldiaryme

Gitoon is a publishing platform that empowers its audience to both contribute creative works and decide what�s good enough to be published, creating high-quality-only original content resource.
It draws three types of users. Consumers enjoy well-categorised, top quality UGC - an experience that neither traditional media nor social media can offer. Contributors submit their content with the assurance that it will be objectively reviewed and not diluted by mediocre content. Curators discover and drive talented Contributors to Gitoon and review submitted content to determine publishing decisions. This process ensures that everyone can submit content but only the worthy gets published.

Savesquared is the world's first "portable power network". It will launch in May 2014 with an app that saves your battery: use it to locate the closest S2Point where to rent a pre-charged portable battery when you need it! Boris Bikes for your smartphone is here.

Launching in London and expanding to other cities very soon.

BLOCKS is the world�s first modular smartwatch - a hardware and software platform for wearable technology. There are already many different smart watches on the market, each with a limited set of features and sensors. We believe that people's needs don't necessarily fit into a single category. So we decided to make a modular smartwatch. Each band of your watch can be a sensor. You get to choose the different bands you need. We call each band a block. The great thing about blocks is that it is an open platform. Any company or individual will be given access to develop apps or even build blocks. People can upgrade their blocks over time and can keep upwith the latest technology without the need to replace their whole smart watch.

BuzzMyVideos is a global multi-channel network empowering video creators to be successful on online video platforms like YouTube.
The Network currently works with YouTube (as Premium and certified Partner) and opening up new opportunities to grow audience and monetization with a multi-platform and multi-device strategy.

The two founders, Paola Marinone and Bengu Atamer, have more than 12 years combined of experience working for YouTube and Google and are passionate about leading the way of the online video revolution.
With a 15 people team, BuzzMyVideos has been bootstrapping, is revenue generating, cash flow positive and has 5000 and counting paying customers.

For everyone who wants to list property online, Property Share is a professional tool that allows you to quickly create, share and receive viewing requests for a property listing. When you create a Property Share, it is automatically shared with your social networks, as well as the major portals. Why share? Most property ends up on portals, but over 40% of properties are let or sold via referrals. You are the best person to let or sell your home. Take back ownership of your property and find the right person with Property Share.

As you can see, there will be a lot to hear about, questions are very welcome after the demos!

See you there!

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