CyberGhost testing day - it was fun!

Last Friday, we helped the CyberGhost team test their new product version. We all had an interesting time clicking and scrolling and "criticizing" what we were seeing. Participants went through about 20 minutes long actual testing sessions, followed by enjoyable talks about the product, its purpose and internet privacy with the developers. And we all got CyberGhost VPN Premium for the next year. Yay! :)

The CyberGhost team is also pretty very happy with the result:

"Last Friday we got TechHub Bucharest all to ourselves for the CyberGhost5 Testing Day.

Beside some time out of the office, spent with the entire team in a cool, modern space, we got to meet interesting people, both techies and not, gather opinions, suggestions and tons of feedback which we�ve already figured out how to put to good use.

We�ve had some pleasant surprises related to the number of people that showed up even if their name wasn�t on the lists, willing to test our service and help us improve it. Some of them have taken an hour off from work out of curiosity and others were using CyberGhost since years.

The event gave us an overview on what our users want and need and helped us interact with them and with each other. All in all, Friday was a great day for anonymity!" - Iulia Porneala, CyberGhost VPN product manager.

More photos from the event, on CyberGhost's Facebook page.