Curator launches creativity app for iPad, a �moodboard for ideas�

TechHub members Curator & Co yesterday released Curator for iPad described as a �moodboard for ideas� and �Pinterest for productivity�. Curator is a tablet-first tool that enables a visual workflow for creatives. Add and organise images, text AND live websites with Curator�s completely visual interface tailor made for the iPad. Get your images from cloud sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr and Instagram instantly, addressing increasing content fragmentation for users.

�When the iPad became my primary device I quickly grew frustrated with fragmentation of content across different apps and cloud services, despite it being the perfect digital notebook device. I wanted to see and organise the fragments of emerging ideas, regardless of them being images, websites or text and where these were saved. This simple but obvious need proved hard to satisfy. There wasn�t an �app for that�, so I decided to build it myself�, says Daniel Nordh, Architect and Founder of Curator.

�Designers and creatives connect much faster with images rather than navigating lists or searching by keyword. The creative process is dependent on collecting, synthesizing and communicating ideas quickly and Curator is made for this kind of �visual thinking�. Organising things by date or name made little sense to me. I wanted to simply place things in a grid, creating meaning by its location relative to other content, much like in a city�, says Daniel Nordh, Architect and Founder of Curator.

Curator is a new type of �visual productivity� app for designers and visual thinkers. It�s the first iPad app helping users see and interact with their ideas by mixing content like websites and images together. It lets you touch and drag content to organise it by colour or whatever makes sense to you.

From the first fragments of an idea to presentation, Curator is �re-imagining the notebook for tablets�. Aiming to become an operating system for the creative process, it has already received high profile interest; >�We loved the app, it's really cool.�, says Paul Graham of Silicon Valley startup incubator Y Combinator after using Curator.

Founded in London by Daniel Nordh, an architect previously working for The Mayor of London and as urban policy advisor to Stockholm (now a second base for the company, with TechHub London being the first), Curator & Co acts as a �moodboard for ideas� and �Pinterest for productivity�.

Curator is available free on the App Store now.