Cloquo wins backing on Spanish version of Dragon's Den

TechHubber Rafa Albaladejo starred in the most recent round of Spain�s Dragon�s Den. Rafa�s product, Cloquo, is a tool, and a social network, which lets you grab dates you don�t want to miss out on, turning them into web-linked smartphone and/or email alarms, in a couple of clicks.

We asked Rafa about this experience, and his plans for the future.

Why did you choose to participate in Dragon's Den, instead of using a more standard way of marketing and gaining investment?

When you are a startup business you have to optimize any funding you get. Being part of the show provided free, wide-reaching exposure for Cloquo, and the money raised from our investor can be used for things other than marketing, as the TV programme has already spread the word about our product. It is also easier to reach out to other aspects of the media after the show, meaning more visibility for your product without paying too much for PR or marketing.

How was the Dragon's Den experience? Would you recommend it to other start ups?

Oh yes, It was a great experience. You have just one chance to catch their attention, and they judge you harshly. Ordinarily, potential investors are not necessarily going take the time to tell you what they really think about your work, but Dragon�s Den is different. It is a great opportunity to learn, even if you don�t win backing in the end.

Which Dragon has chosen to support you, and what do they do?

The Dragon who chose to invest on Cloquo is Javier P�rez Dolset, main owner of ZED Worldwide, the company behind the movie Planet 51, and the popular late 90�s video game Commandos. Now Cloquo will be integrated as part of the worldwide group which, beyond creating entertainment, is also focused on digital marketing and online advertising, areas which are particularly relevant to Cloquo.

Why did Javier choose to support Cloquo, and what did he like best about your app?

I don�t know exactly, he didn�t tell me, but I think it is due to the tech we�ve developed, and our insight on exactly what people are interested in. We feel we have designed a powerful tool for for marketing companies, as while the success of a digital campaign can be measured through metrics of clicks and website traffic, we go further. We know that when a user activates an alarm for an event, they are seriously interested in attending.

What happens next?!

We are moving back to Spain to continue developing from the group�s headquarters in Madrid. In the coming future we will develop the app to get alarms going off directly on your pocket, and we are currently developing a button for events portals, to let people activate alarms in just one click. We also plan to expand, to cover not just gigs, but also movie premieres, album releases, webinars, and more.