Changing attitudes: The Romanian Entrepreneurship Barometer 2013

We're glad to share with you the conclusion of this year's study about the challenges and opportunities that Romanian entrepreneurs experience. The study concerns a larger area than just tech, but the findings are still very valuable.

Briefly, about the study:
* the study is an annual barometer that measures perceptions about entrepreneurship in Romania and this is its second edition. * the study contains the result of a qualitative and quantitative analysis about the issues, expectations and needs that Romanian entrepreneurs have. * the study's approach is based upon: the entrepreneurs' opinions about the progress and impact of specific factors, economic and social quantitative indicators, best practices that have proven effective in supporting the development of entrepreneurship and that could be adapted to the Romanian environment.

Some key findings: * 88% of Romanian entrepreneurs call upon the fact that access to financing is still difficult * 52% of them expect that success stories be communicated more prominently and have a bigger impact on entrepreneurial culture * 91% of them request that the taxation and regulations be simplified * 80% of Romanian entrepreneurs are being mentored, formally or informally * 81% state that failure in business is perceived as a barrier for founding startup or indicated lack of abilities.

In order to develop entrepreneurship in Romania, a common effort if required from: schools and the educational system, culture, regulating institutions, organizations that support entrepreneurship, the press, investors, but also the corporations and entrepreneurs themselves.

A lot of interesting conclusions can be found in the study, so we strongly encourage you to read about it and share it with anyone who might benefit from this information:

Antreprenorii vorbesc - Barometrul antreprenoriatului romanesc 2013 from Ernst & Young Romania