BuzzMyVideos feature in la Repubblica

Paola Marinone, founder of BuzzMyVideos and a TechHub member, has recently been profiled in the leading Italian newspaper Repubblica. The article entitled 'The Best of Youth emigrates to London', profiles a few individuals who have left their native Italy to start their business in London, and looks into the reasons behind their decisions.

Paola tells us: "It's great to see that an idea is becoming reality. BuzzMyVideos started from a simple idea of growing global audiences on YouTube and is now getting discovered more and more from the international public. Being based at TechHub is surely impacting BuzzMyVideos rapid growth. A great environment with lots of ideas and smart people committed in making it happen."

For all those who speak Italian, find the link to the original article [here](!
), and for everyone else - see the (partial) translation below (thanks Maria!):

To the Italian job generation, London is today what America was once for their great-grandparents: the land of opportunities and meritocracy. The crucial thing is to learn �the English way� to work.

London is a huge terminal, depending on the continuous turnover of arrivals and departures. One loses count of the number of Italians landing here, officially to improve the language - but really, to make a change in their lives. The Italian Consulate provides official figures: forty thousand are registered to vote and resident in London, but quite possibly there are as many that didn�t register out of laziness, or out of fear that they weren�t going to make it. The result is a city in which the Italian and the British flag stand side by side, sharing ways of living and opportunities. To the Italian job generation, London is today what America was for their ancestors: the land of meritocracy where ideas and projects have a concrete chance, bureaucracy is not an obstacle and there are plenty of opportunities to be noticed. Especially if you don�t fear competition on a world scale. The Best of Youth accepts the challenge, showing the same grit of those who came before them. If cardboard suitcases are now postcard memories, rolled up sleeves are not - as the toughness and the commitment to show one�s value. Doctors, creatives, PR specialists, and lawyers have put down (new) roots in London, and proudly define themselves citizens of the world. The future? It speaks English, and keeps the passport handy on the desk.

After working for Google and YouTube advertising, Paola Marinone founded BuzzMyVideos in London.
"My job for the Google video platform put me in touch with the most important producers in the field, Italian as well as international - no wonder I�d make good use of this invaluable experience for BuzzMyVideos, the Youtube international incubator of talents. My team and I discover talented video creators, and offer them a partnership to help them stand out while transforming their creativity into a profitable business. To achieve this task, we liaise with companies who are keen to invest in targeted advertising, and Youtube channels that create content. Choosing London wasn�t casual: I wanted to work in an international arena, where the market of online videos had fully developed, and where I could count on long-time professionals in the field. The city made it easier to put together an international team, with a wide range of skills and experience - the essential ingredients for a successful start up recipe. The icing on the cake was the agile bureaucracy system "made in UK," which allowed me to focus 99% on developing the business - a brief browsing session online provided me with all the information I needed to start my company. To succeed, I had to learn �the English way� to work, i.e. defining clear tasks, constantly assessing results, being practical while sticking to a long-term vision. And going to the pub on Friday night, too. For all these reasons, I�d suggest London to anyone who would like to get into the start up business in a bubbling, exciting environment as the Silicon Roundabout, the new Web neighbourhood in East London.'