BT Future Comms Hackathon - As it Happened!

Wow, what a weekend at TechHub London!

The BT Future Comms Hackathon challenged participants to the use next generation of BT comms APIs in order to build original products and win £5000!

These APIs are not public yet but still a developer preview.

APIs involved:

  • text-to-speech
  • bridge calls
  • connect multiple devices
  • third party calls
  • record calls
  • receive DTMF
    ... and much more


We had a great mix from the TechHub community, including staff and members, plus loads of enthusiastic external guests, some of whom had travelled internationally just to be there!

The guys from our partners, BT Infinity Lab kicked things off with a quick presentation and a full brief for the weekend and then the scramble for everyone to start creating teams began. Those that didn't come in fully formed teams bonded over pizza and Red Bull and plotted their winning trajectory.

All the BT representatives were super knowledgeable when anyone had a technical question and helped out setting up APIs for the contestants.

In true hackathon style, the coding went on in to the night and many of the participants slept in TechHub London on beanbags and sofas... readying themselves for day 2.


Breakfast came bright and early, TechHub Members' Breakfast style - with bagels, spreads and lots of coffee (there may have even been some leftover pizza snaffled from the night before).

Mattia, our man on the ground, didn't stay over but reemerged at 10am to find everyone busy working on their projects.

During the late morning and afternoon saw each group being very productive and so after a dinner of burritos we encouraged everyone to hang out and watch the Rugby World Cup on the big screen with a beer or two. This was when we saw the first participants nodding off after a mentally energetic and creative day.


Once again, all the teams were up at the crack of dawn to finish their projects, prepare their presentation and practice their pitches.

Including Slack & Hubspot integrations, to products in the virtual world, entertainment & social impact, the product demos and pitches began, aided by more pizza!

You can see all the demo/pitch videos and you vote to help the jury decide who the winner is which one was your favourite?

Your vote can win a team £5000, so pick carefully!

We're looking forward to our next hackathon, but for now look out for the results, coming your way on 12th October!