Breakfast extracts: on entertainment business success and importance of a great team

As the summer goes on TechHub Riga events don't slow down. This time the story will be about two topical subjects that were brought up in Members Breakfast � entertainment business and good team issues. Not only the coffee tastes better in Members Breakfast but the stories are really inspiring.

�The only profitable photographing is the one you do for weddings�� do you know how hard it is to find a proper wedding photographer? That kind who fits to your budget and taste? And you want it soon, right? Here comes MEWO solution � a service that helps one find the most appropriate wedding photographer, look at the portfolio, reviews and schedule. If we consider this a small problem in Latvia, imagine what it is like in Great Britain. That is exactly where MEWO market is right now. But, sure, they are just getting started! It was great to hear about their experiences so far as well as look at their plans � how to get customers, how to attract photographers and, especially, how to do all of this outside Latvia!

After MEWO, our ex-member Flame took his turn. He has been working for several projects, in different countries and on Friday he shared his experiences with members. �Sometimes people tell you to quit your job and have a startup. I would say that sometimes you have to quit your startup and get a job.� Why such an outstanding opinion? Because in startup team matters. And if you don�t have a great team, you better find one. However, finding a great team is not easy. Therefore Flame advised that sometimes you have to put it down for a bit, get a normal everyday job and broaden your view. Find people you would love to collaborate with and then go back to where you started. The start phase of the team is very important � every member needs to be passionate about the idea. Besides that, you have to be able to work together. And only then when you have the great people, the passion and the ability to cooperate, you have the team to build a successful startup.

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