Boxagon video launch

Learning how to play guitar? Running your first marathon? Getting a dog for the first time? These are all exciting adventures. And with every adventure, you have to make sure you are prepared, do your research, or have the right gear. But it�s often very hard to figure out what you really need to get started. So you do tedious research, ask a bunch of people, and go through various websites to try and find the right set of items. And sometimes, things that go great individually, don�t go well together! At the end of the day... it�s a hassle...But have you ever thought that someone else has had this same problem before? Wouldn�t it be nice to discover and browse what others came up with, all in one place?

This is why three TechHub members created Boxagon, a platform that helps people find and share collections of things that go well together... for all types of adventures. They came up with a new way of finding and sharing collections or "boxes" of things that go well together - so if you are getting a dog or running your first marathon, you can search through the site and see curated boxes of items that other users recommend.

Founders Juan Diego Farah (Bizdev and marketing lead), Juan Carlos Farah (Front-end dev lead)
and Tony Acu�a-Rohter (Back-end dev lead) have been working hard on the idea, and this is what they have to say about it:

"Boxagon is all about helping you find the right gear for a certain adventure. Every 'box' is actionable and purposeful, meaning the items you see are relevant and for sale. No fluff or unrelated pics of things you cannot purchase."

A collection or �box� is essentially a set of items curated by members of our community. Instead of starting your shopping experience from scratch, you can look at what others suggest, pick the items that fit you best, and then buy them with one click. Boxes are created for a purpose and actionable, this means you can buy what you see.

Curious to find out more? Check a handy video here.