Being a TechHub Riga member

Pack your talent and technology � summer is a good time to become a TechHub Riga member. Why? It�s not only about taking your startup future in your own hands, it is also about bubbling in environment that celebrates success, networking and tech brilliance!

Not to sound too clich�, we�ve spoken to some of our startups to understand how they live their TechHub lives. There are two statements we gladly present in our testimonial section.

J?lija Kri�inauskaite, Corporate Administrator at Windfire

I joined Windfire in January 2014 - and if I, myself, had to decide "why stay" I'd definitely highlight some points: 1. Office in Old Riga with the most amazing view? Dream on! - some might say. Well, this is the place where your dream becomes reality.
2. Lots of "smart" events for nerds (and nerd in this case is a compliment).
3. Practice English!
4. Best nannies! That is - TechHub administrators, aka 3 fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. You will be loved, hugged, fed, all your questions will be answered. Thank you, ladies :)
5. You'll get to know "useful" people, establish connection chain. Worldwide. I mean it.
6. Just nice enviroment. No stress, no fuss, work, do your stuff, chit-chat with co-members in the kitchen (yes, we have a kitchen!), enjoy air-conditioning :)
7. Get inspired by the success of TechHub members! Some make REAL money here, you know.

�Motocross Elite', iPhone game developers

We became TechHub Riga members after we couldn�t find new coffee places. It was like end of 2013 after working a straight year all around the city. We worked in each coffee place for some time, got bored and moved to another. Our favourite were �Ze Donuts�. But there is one problem in such places - there is no guarantee that you will get a table. So one day we thought that it could be cool to have our own tables. About THR we heard from the guy who did our code Aleksejs Mjaliks who already was a member. So we checked the place and we loved it! Because the coffee was like 10 times cheaper than in the places we went before! So since then we are proud members of TechHub Riga. Of course we miss donuts, but we have really cool people around.
Thanks TechHub Riga!

Interested in membership, but still got dozens of questions? Book your TechHub Riga tour on June 18th at 12:30pm to see us from the inside, get first hand Q&A session with TechHub staff member and measure what it�s like to be a part of a startup community. Drop a line to for more info!