Edurio: building an education startup

Education matters - we've all seen it and experienced it, either as students, teachers or principals. TechHub Riga startup Edurio, who've recently won the TechChill Baltics pitch contest and a trip to Israel, are building tools for schools and universities to track their education quality and identify improvement opportunities. We chatted with their CEO Ernest Jenavs to find out the story behind their startup and learn what they are up to.

You�ve just won the TechChill Baltics pitch contest � what does it mean to Edurio?

It's been amazing - even getting the chance to pitch and receive the valuable feedback and words of support was extremely valuable. Winning it was a confirmation that we're going in the right direction and a huge motivation for everyone on the team. Now we are looking forward to the trip to Israel - learning from people who have really embedded innovation into everything they do will be valuable and insightful.

In a short period of time Edurio has seen a rapid growth, received a soft loan, participated in Startup Sauna and Seedcamp Week and gained a positive feedback from schools � what is the philosophy behind your development?

Talk to potential clients very early, before we have anything tangible - but not to sell. Talk to listen and learn. Within the six months Eduri has changed massively based on the feedback from teachers, principals, unions, the ministry of education and many other partners and advisors. We strongly believe that the 'build it and then bring it to market' does not work.

What are the next steps for Edurio? What are the main struggles you may come across?

We are now actively collecting feedback on the first tests and then going into an intensive development phase to have the second tests in May. Time is very short and as we want to carry out the second tests in 100 schools across 5 countries to test global scalability, there is very little room for error.

What would be your advice to early-stage startups that are just starting their way in the tech world?

Don't think about 'tech' as your business - your business is solving problems. The fact that tech nowadays tends to be the solution of choice for solving those problems is merely a function of the time we live in. So to us Edurio isn't a tech startup - it is an education startup. This may sound like semantics but with the amazing tech out there it is easy to just focus on it and forget that your solution is only as good as the betterment of life that you achieve for your customer.

Finally, when is Edurio recruiting again?

We have had two amazing recent additions to the team but with the rate our ambitions have been growing, we'll probably need reinforcements soon.