Be a proud part of Techcity�s story on hiyalife

So, TechHub was founded back in 2010 when there wasn�t a real focal point for the startup community in London. This has changed. These days the thriving startup community in London has firm roots around the site of the first TechHub on Old Street Roundabout, there have been some real success stories, and the government body TechCity UK has been established to support it�s continued growth in the hope of more success. Many people and businesses have played a part in the journey so far and, to make sure these stories don�t get lost, TechCity UK has partnered with hiyalife � a TechHub based startup. And together they�ve begun to capture the history of TechCity...

You can be part of this official history, simply tell your stories in hiyalife and share them with Tech City. The best will be added to the timeline that�s now live on Tech City UK�s website.

hiyalife is a visual, social and dynamic publishing tool where stories slot into a beautiful timeline. People can then discover, share and contribute different sides to shared stories. It could prove useful for you in other ways...

1) Showcase your startup journey beautifully. It�s the perfect tool to display your milestones, achievements and journey to share with investors, press and potential recruits.

2) Crowdsource your story with fans & friends. They can send you stories to slot into your timeline, and contribute to the stories you've created, bringing numerous perspectives together while you maintain absolute control over what�s included.

3) Engage your community through stories. People can pick up your stories to include in their own timelines, like digital keepsakes that can be exclusive or public.

4) Embed your dynamic timeline into your website. With our free widget you can easily showcase your journey within your site, just like TechCityUK have!

Any questions please let the hiyalife team know by emailing.
We know they�d be delighted to help you get your startup journey into hiyalife.