Bart Lorang: having a PAID vacation matters

We work. We take our time to make things happen, and we complete them in the best way we can. Yet, at some point we need to go off the grid to become better. Why? We invited Bart Lorang, CEO at FullContact, to our meetup to find out more why paid, really PAID vacations matter.

In this age, when devices have become our digital extension, we are connected all the time � technology is our additional self. These devices have also changed our working routines with 24/7 schedule being the new standard. We rarely admit that such schedule doesn�t work and is the opposite of productivity.

This is why FullContact has introduced the PAID vacation model. It includes a 7500$ vacation money to each employee yearly so they can indeed go off the radar: disconnect and forget about work. Can't do it? No money for you! It all results in relaxed people who return back to work full of energy and who are ready to solve new tech problems.

As Bart notes, �we need to disconnect from the technology to get fully connected again�.

By the way, FullContact is hiring!

Watch Bart�s full talk here:

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