Barclay's Blue Bikes are Expanding!

Click on the map image above for TechHub's cool bike map.

More blue bikes coming your way!

Due to the highly successful demand of the Barclays Cycle Hire Program, the Boris Bike Scheme is now planning to expand even farther. Altogether the expansion will provide 2,000 more cycles and 4,200 new docking points across the new and existing infrastructure. The current locations within 500m of TechHub:

  • Leonard Circus
  • East Road
  • Baldwin Street
  • Old Street Station
  • Bath Street
  • Clifton Street

Phase 2 of the program will include large parts of East London and will be completed by Spring 2012. You can view the expansion map to get a general idea of the current and planned London areas and the Shoreditch map with further current and future locations. In case you're interested in the new docking stations that will be near TechHub: * Banner Street * Willow Street * Hoxton Market

For further assistance in locating nearby locations to TechHub you can also view our contact page where you can email us, subcribe to our newsletter, or just find more information.
We've also researched some interesting free apps that you can use to improve your biking experience. Here is the complete list with short summaries for each:

  • Barclays Bikes- Mobile App by Barclays which includes tips and tricks, easy search tool for bikes and docking stations, route maps and more!
  • Boris Bikes- Finds the nearest docking stations, keeps track of your usage, and easy to use maps
  • Yell for Bikes- Live availability of bikes, favourites list, geocoding with accurate results and improved performance

For more information check out the Barclays Cycle Hire website.

Happy Biking!