Welsh Startup B2Bxi Ltd, leads the launch of Innovation Methodology for UK

Created by The Entheo Network, an innovation leadership company, the Six ‘I’s® methodology is shortly launching in the UK. B2Bxi Ltd, based in TechHub Swansea, has been given the unique opportunity to bring this methodology to Welsh businesses.

"Our aim is to use this methodology to help businesses innovate successfully," explains Fiona McLaren, B2Bxi Ltd Director.

Statistically validated, the Six ‘I’s® methodology offers a human-centred approach to innovation, blends design thinking with organisational development and offers a unique proprietary innovation strengths assessment for individuals and teams.

Six ‘I’s® has been used in a variety of organisations across the world including Prudential, Cisco Systems, the Singapore Government and LEO Pharma Asia with great success.

We met with Fiona, B2Bxi Business Consultant, to hear more about this project and to get tips on how startups can implement innovative tech-strategies, in order to help them achieve optimum productivity and incremental growth for their business.

Can you provide us with an insight into what your business offers and how it benefits your customers?

B2Bxi is a business consultancy with a focus on technology and innovation. We work with small and medium sized business at a strategic level to help them understand how their business can benefit from technology in order to drive sales, improve productivity and grow profitability.

Are there any tips on how small businesses can better get to know their customers?

There are many tools available to acquire customer information. The key however, is devoting the time and resource to regularly check in with customers. This should not just be around how they are perceiving you business but looking at what challenges and problems they are facing that you may be able to help them with.

How does B2B marketing differ from B2C marketing?

Marketing is about putting your prospects and customers at the heart of your business. B2B marketing tends to do this in conjunction with a sales team while B2C marketing usually incorporates the sales responsibility within marketing as well.

Can you describe one business growth strategy that is often overlooked but could be a missed opportunity?

Talking to customers and finding out what challenges they face that is a great place to start. Next look to see if your business can offer a solution itself or look to collaborate with other businesses to offer this solution. The relationship, trust and communication channels with existing customers are already there and therefore if you can provide additional solutions for them then there is potential for rapid growth.

Can you advise on any current or upcoming tech tools that are working well for small businesses?

There are numerous tech tools that are there to support businesses, it depends which part of the business you are looking to support. Be selective - the main thing is to evaluate your requirements and find the right supporting technology rather than just going out and getting the latest app or tech tool. These aren’t necessarily the latest but they provide great value: Plugin CRM tools such as Salesforce or Hubspot are very helpful if they are used in the right way; Shopify for online retail is really simple to use and manage; and chatbots such as Drift can be very helpful tactical tool as an part of the online comms and sales channel.

To hear more from Fiona on the exclusive launch of the Six ‘I’s® methodology in the UK, join us at #TechHubTuesday Demo Night, 14th November. Tickets available here