Community hero, investor, service provider or entrepreneur? Get involved in TechHub Bangalore!

TechHub, the global community and workspace for tech entrepreneurs is opening in Bangalore with a mission to help 1000 Bangalore startups grow in the next three years. We're looking for amazing people to be part of TechHub Bangalore and help build the next generation of entrepreneurs in India.

I'm a tech entrepreneur developing a product

Join TechHub Bangalore now from 3000 Rupees per month, book your tour of TechHub and follow us on twitter.

I'm an investor interested in investing in early-stage startups

TechHub companies in London have raised more than $250M over the past 18 months, this includes very early-stage seed rounds of a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar investments. We work hard to curate introductions between investors and startups, either though small events such as dinners and roundtables, larger scale demo nights or one-to-one meetings. To get involved, complete this quick form.

I'm a community hero who runs events and programmes

Awesome! We're here to support the local startup eco-system. In Bangalore we have a 100-person event space and a 100-person roof terrace, we love community groups and developer meetups, tech conferences and events and would love to offer you the use of these spaces for free. Get in touch at

I'm a successful entrepreneur or corporate looking to mentor startups.

We're always on the hunt for the best mentors for our companies whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, hardcore techie or design guru - we'd love you to get involved! Please fill out this quick form.

I'm a service provider (lawyer, banker, accountant, software tester)

We want to connect our startups with the best support they can get. If you're interested in working with startups, being part of an event or participating in one-to-one advice sessions with our companies, then let us know here

I want to work for a startup

Our startups are always on the hunt for the best talent. We send out a monthly hiring newsletter to let you know which of our members are looking for great people. Sign up to our newsletter to find the right team for you

I'm a journalist wanting to learn more about TechHub or write about TechHub companies

Fantastic! Please get in touch by emailing

I'm none of the above, I just want to hear more about TechHub!

Great! Sign up to our newsletter

Finally, join us for our launch event this Wednesday 9th July 2014 at the Lalit Ashok.