[Startup Profile] Appticles: We challenge ourselves into stepping out of our comfort zone

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Today, we give you the Startup Profile of Appticles. Remember: spots are LIMITED! Save yours here now! ;)


Founded in: 2014

Founders: Ciprian Borodescu (CEO) & Alexandra Anghel (CTO)

Investment raised: $250,000

USP: Appticles is a platform focused on building progressive web applications for small and medium-sized businesses. They have 4 products in their portfolio: WPMobilePack.com, AMPThemes.io, PWAThemes.com and PWACommerce.com, and they’ve recently been awarded a Google Digital News Initiative grant to build MorphL.io (AI-driven UI/UX).

Team: Team of 4 → Alexandra Anghel (CTO), Alexandru Barbulescu (Lead Software Engineer), Florina Ieremciuc (Front-End Developer), Ciprian Borodescu (CEO).

Different by: “We challenge ourselves into stepping out of our comfort zone and growing by learning new technologies and being able to build products that can have an impact in today’s world.”

Growth opportunities: The team is focusing on building MorphL (AI-driven UI/UX) which has immense growth opportunity at global scale. MorphL’s core team is going to be at the forefront of that growth and consequently, anybody joining the core team will be nothing short of an Ace in his/her profession.

Open positions:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer

Salary range: > $1,000

Vacation: Flexible

Paid time off: No

The ideal employee in 3 sentences: “The ideal colleague would have a strong growth mindset, be proactive and understand that teamwork is more important than individual glory. The ideal colleague would have an impact on the products that he or she is working on. He/she would be capable of both giving and receiving feedback.”