Fast-track your US expansion: access support and investment opportunities with TechHub NYC!

Dear TechHubbers and TechHub friends!

It’s no secret that many of our members have their ambitions set on establishing a US presence, so we’re incredibly excited to share some fantastic news with you: this November, we’re opening TechHub in New York City. Read the full story below and don't forget to check out

Why NYC? New York City has a thriving business and tech community that offers world-class opportunities for growth and investment. The ecosystem is valued at $71bn, with average early stage funding of $550K, more than double the global average. Market reach has tremendous opportunities, with most CEOs seeing NYC as having the world’s single largest concentration of customers.

New York City represents all the values we look for in individuals, companies and ecosystems: a global mindset, an open mentality, diversity, talent, drive and, of course, chutzpah. We believe there’s a huge opportunity in strengthening the connection between New York City and other tech startup supercities that TechHub currently supports, such as London and Bangalore. We’re excited to launch TechHub NYC and look forward to helping our members scale to the US and access the opportunities that New York City’s phenomenal ecosystem has to offer.

What does this mean for me? All TechHub members worldwide can use their membership to access support and generate business opportunities in new markets through any of our locations. TechHub NYC will help you explore US investment opportunities, get closer to your clients and use the supportive and familiar TechHub community as a local landing pad as you scale to the US.

What will I get access to? All current TechHub members can access TechHub NYC’s flex membership facilities, participate in the local programme (including New York’s #TechHubTuesday Demo Nights, VC Coffee Mornings, Office Hours and more), and tap into the local network of contacts and opportunities. Contact your local community team for more information!

When and where? TechHub NYC will support startups at all stages with Flex, Resident and Team memberships. You’ll find us at 158 W 27th Street, within walking distance of Penn Station, Chelsea and Flatiron. We will open in November - stay tuned for the official launch date! In the meantime, you can:

Three companies have already chosen to make TechHub their launchpad in the US: fintech powerhouses Revolut and Aire, and Cronofy’s enterprise productivity tool. We will also support our long-standing members Callsign as they explore opportunities in NYC. Read below to find out why they've chosen TechHub NYC:

“TechHub provides fast-growing companies with flexibility when it comes to landing in a new location and supports establishing a vital local network. TechHub can really help us hit the ground running in a new city from day one.”

Dan Westgarth, International Expansion Manager, Revolut.

“As an established tech startup we want to be able to choose the support we need and when we need it. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of TechHub’s opt-in approach that best suits experienced tech founders.”

Aneesh Varma, Founder of Aire.

"With half our customers already in North America, increasing our presence in the US is an important next step for Cronofy. As TechHub members already we're fully aware of the value of their community-driven approach. When we learned of their plans for New York we were delighted to seize the opportunity to grow our business in the US, together with TechHub."

Adam Bird, CEO & Co-founder of Cronofy.

“We’ve grown with TechHub from a three-person team to over 50, and have really been supported by TechHub. From a vibrant community for our employees to learn from their counterparts in neighbouring tech startups, to connections with potential customers, and opportunities for founders to talk through challenges, we’re looking forward to TechHub launching in the US and continuing to be part of the community as we expand our own US operation.”

Ian Welch, COO of Callsign.