Announcing TechHub at iCITY Olympic Park

We are delighted to announce there will be a TechHub at Olympic Park, post games, as part of iCITY.

As announced yesterday, iCITY was selected as the preferred bidder for the legacy of the Press and Broadcast Centres following the London 2012 Olympics, with exciting plans to transform the area into a centre for innovation and enterprise.

Our exact plans for TechHub @ iCITY are under wraps for now, but we'll be talking more about them in the coming months. We see this opportunity as one to help close the loop between the existing vibrancy of Shoreditch and the tech cluster there, and all the activity and future plans for Stratford, further East. For more details about iCITY, visit

For now, we can tell you we're absolutely delighted to be an iCITY partner, and thrilled that our bid has been selected. We're very excited about the huge opportunities here to ensure that the impact of the resources that have been poured into the Olympic Park don't just end at the conclusion of the games.

Here's to TechHub being a part of making that happen.